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I began this website back in 2002, but the work behind it actually goes back many years before that.   I have enjoyed art since I was young, even winning Best of Show for a watercolor I painted.   I sold my first artwork in high school (a batik).   After moving from Colorado to North Carolina I got away from art for a while and pursued interests in math and science.   I began experimenting with creating images using mathematical formulas and then modifying the results.   Over the years, I dabbled in computer art and have written some programs I use in the creation of my present works.

My interest and love for art and math combine in a logical approach to designing creative expressions.   Hence the name "Art by Logic".   The inspiration for my artwork comes from the variety, beauty, and design seen in God's creation.   God is the inventor of beauty (Gen 2:9) and it is evident everywhere.   Man has marred the expression of God's work in this world in a quest for power and all things self - basically a desire to be independent from God and to run his own show.   Frank Sinatra's song "I did it my way" expresses our basic human nature.   The well known poem "Invictus", often delivered at commencement addresses, expresses this as well: "...I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul".  The Bible says "We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way..." (Isa 53:6).   Many refuse to recognize that we need a Savior - someone to make us right before God.   That Savior was and is Jesus the Christ who is the God-Man.

You may be thinking, "Whoaa now, you're too religious for me!"   But if we cannot talk about the really important things in life, like the questions "Why am I here?", "What's the meaning of life?", and "Is there life after death?", then are we really seeking truth and being open minded?   I would like to say that I am not religious.   Religion is a system of beliefs that has at its heart a list of Do's and Don'ts that people try to follow to feel good about themselves and to try to work to be accepted by God.  The problem with all this is that the Bible says that there is nothing we can do to be right before God.   Christianity is recognizing that we cannot please God in our own efforts and cannot live up to His perfect character and requirements.   It is totally backward from religion in that God came down here to save us; to pay for our sins and to freely offer His goodness and a way to be with Him forever.   That way is through Jesus.   Thus, we cannot work to make ourselves good before God and, consequently, we have no basis to boast before Him or others.   God's free gift is for everyone, but we must choose to receive it.   By not choosing, we are in effect rejecting it.

I don't claim to have all the answers about God or the Bible, but I do claim that Jesus has changed my life and that he is continuing to do so.   If you would like to investigate what Jesus claimed about himself, then I would suggest reading in the book of John (in the Bible).

Below are some links to some places that talk about the Bible, Jesus, and how to have a relationship with God.   I hope that you find these helpful in your spiritual journey.


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"Of what I call God, And fools call Nature." - Robert Browning